Grass Tennis Court

The Tapestry of Tennis

Two first-time Wimbledon champions were crowned last week, the oldest tennis tournament in the world (1877!). Carlos Alcaraz defeated seven-time Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic, and Marketa Vondrousova became the first unseeded woman to ever win.


Discover Retirement in Boise, Idaho: Affordable Living, Outdoor Adventures, and a Warm Community

Boise, Idaho is becoming an increasingly popular choice for retirees due to its affordable cost of living, outdoor recreation opportunities, and welcoming community. With a population of just over 230,000, Boise offers a laid-back, small-town feel with all the amenities of a larger city. In this article, we’ll explore what makes Boise a great place to retire, including its recreation activities, culture, and some affordability information.

AI Investing

Let’s Talk About AI 

So just what is going on with new developments in AI and how should we be thinking about it?  This is a sprawling subject, and I am not an expert in artificial intelligence.  My apologies in advance to any AI engineers who disagree with my understanding of the subject.  By no means do I expect to cover everything in this newsletter, but today I would like to discuss what AI is, what the new developments are, and give some perspective on how investors might think about AI.  Let’s dig in. 

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What is a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust?

A Medicaid Asset Protection Trust (MAPT) is a type of irrevocable trust that can help protect assets from being counted towards an individual’s Medicaid eligibility requirements. A Medicaid asset protection trust can be a useful planning tool to preserve assets from long-term care costs and to avoid probate. Learn more from our Vice President, Estate Strategies, Andrea Gray, Esq.

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A Guide to the 72(q)/72(t) Distribution Method

When planning for retirement, tax-advantaged accounts are some of the most common tools that individuals utilize as a vehicle for achieving their long-term goals. This includes IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and non-qualified annuities. Each of these accounts have their own unique benefits and limitations, but one thing they all have in common is that they require you to reach age 59 ½ before being able to take penalty-free distributions. However, Section 72(q)/72(t) of the tax code provides a distribution method that will allow you the flexibility to draw on those funds, penalty-free, before the age of 59 ½.


Saving for a Child… Which Account Type is Right for You?

So, you have decided to help your child or grandchild start saving and investing. That’s fantastic! It’s the first step on their road to financial success. But now you must decide what type of account to use, and you are confronted with a tangled mess of options.

American flag waving in the wind against clear light blue sky

In Defense of America

On any given day, you might patrol with 15-20 American soldiers from your outpost through the grape fields doing your best not to trigger a booby trap that could blow off one of your legs. After making your way through the orchards, you might have ended up in a maze-like village composed of interconnected mud-walled compounds. The “streets” (although they were more like paths), might contain some mix of garbage, human waste, dead animals, or worse. It wasn’t uncommon to see children beating a stray dog (or each other) with rocks or sticks. From there, you might search a few

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Does Diversification Still Matter?

“Is the 60/40 Portfolio dead?!” I have seen some variant of this as an article title every few months for years. It’s a click-bait title and it is intriguing. The argument usually made in these articles is that investors can no longer rely on a diversified portfolio built primarily of traditional investment assets such as stocks and bonds to support retirement goals. I respectfully disagree with that assessment and today I’ll tell you why.