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Is My Advisor a Fiduciary? Understanding How to Assess Financial Advisors

In today’s Street$marts, Vice President and Wealth Manager Sarah Swan explains what it means to be a fiduciary financial advisor, and how there are a lot of advisors out there who do not have to act in your best interest as the client and why it matters. Spoiler alert: it matters because it costs you money.


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Spring 2023 Market Outlook

This never gets easier. In the writing of our Quarterly Outlook, barely a day goes by without a twist or turn with the economy, asset classes, sectors, or portfolio holdings. There is no ‘skipping school’ in our world, but we understand this challenge, as this is our chosen profession. As ‘Spring Break’ has been happening the past few weeks, around here, it is ‘nose to the grindstone’ and prepare for every twist and turn.

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