A long history, and an even longer future.

While we’re still headquartered in Rochester, New York, where we were founded, we’ve deliberately and thoughtfully expanded Howe & Rusling’s geographical presence to serve our clients who are spread across over 30 states.

Our Boise Wealth Management Services


A hands-on team of industry certified professionals handle all aspects of account administration and field any questions you might have. We also specialize in helping you navigate uncharted life events or times of transition.

Investment Management

We employ active portfolio management of various stock, bond, and ETF solutions to help you meet your objectives. And since the impact of investment gains can be increased taxes, we actively consider tax-loss harvesting as part of our process.

Financial Planning

A comprehensive evaluation of your current and future financial concerns by extrapolating variables and testing scenarios helps us develop the best course of action for meeting your goals. We have several CFP® professionals on our team, and we utilize robust, sophisticated software for our planning.

Direct access to tax & legal professionals

We are not experts in everything, but we will get you in front of any expert that you need. We have long, trusted relationships with many industry professionals and are happy to facilitate those conversations for you.

Financial Education

We love what we do, and we love to teach others about it. When we produce regular educational content, we aim to increase your financial literacy so that you’re better equipped to know what you can do to reach your goals.

Digital Solutions

Our processes, from onboarding to account maintenance to reporting, are electronic for increased ease, convenience, and security. We aim to make everything available with the touch of a button.