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Decoding Finance Industry Designations

If you’re not immersed in the finance industry yourself, it can be confusing to understand what different credentials mean after an advisor’s name. We’re here to break it down for you, and we’re starting with some of the more common designations that are represented at Howe & Rusling: the CFP®, CFA, and CPA. Without getting lost in alphabet soup, these certifications are not only difficult to earn, but they’re very meaningful. Let’s dive in.

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Succession Planning and Kids

Today on StreetSmarts, President and majority owner at Howe & Rusling Craig Cairns focuses on a personal topic—Succession Planning and Kids.  

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Transfer on Death Beneficiaries

In this episode of StreetSmarts with Howe & Rusling, Mary Lisa Sisson, Vice President, Director of Client Service goes beyond the bell to explain the importance of transfer on death beneficiaries.


Tax Saving Tips Beyond the Obvious: An Opportune Time for Roth Conversions

In today’s episode, we are going to take a deep dive into one of the best tax planning strategies out there: Roth conversions… and why this year, through 2025, is an opportune time to consider implementing them. Also, we are going to describe the ideal investor profile who would be best positioned to implement a Roth conversion strategy.

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A General Guide to IRS Audits

If you haven’t heard yet, the IRS is planning on hiring thousands of new enforcement agents over the next few years. This is causing many of us to get nervous; as we all know that there’s nothing worse than getting a letter from the IRS. And then the next worst thing is finding out that the IRS has selected you or your business for an audit.