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Distance and Time

Land navigation, in Army jargon, is the act of navigating from one point to another over long distances in varied terrain using a map, protractor, and compass. Every major selection event in the Army (Ranger School, Special Forces selection, etc.) has a graded land navigation component as part of the larger selection event.

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 A Guide to the 72(q)/72(t) Distribution Method 

In this episode of StreetSmarts, Dylan Potter, Vice President and Wealth Manager at Howe & Rusling, delves into the intricacies of Section 72(q)/72(t) of the tax code, which provides a distribution method that will allow you the flexibility to draw on retirement accounts, penalty-free, before the age of 59 ½.

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“Optimism is a Moral Duty”

This newsletter is going to come across a bit disjointed. There are a couple different topics I wanted to touch on, so I thought I’d do a bit on each topic running through my head in quick fashion.

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Tiger Woods’ Putting Precision: Lessons in Consistency

Tiger Woods’ journey to becoming a golf maestro carries an additional layer of significance in the context of his early golf career. Contrary to the conventional pursuit of mastering the longest drive off the tee, Tiger consciously chose to prioritize an aspect of the game often deemed less glamorous – putting.

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Why Avoiding Billionaire Investment Advice Benefits Your Financial Plan

Dylan Potter, CFP®, VP and Wealth Manger, delves into the reasons why you should steer clear of personal finance advice from billionaires and focus on your own financial plan. These insights are rooted in the principles of self-control, understanding your own risk tolerance, and avoiding undue influence from high-profile investors.

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Risk is What You Don’t See

While known risks like recessions are widely discussed, the most consequential risks may be those not currently on our radar. Dylan Potter, Vice President and Wealth Manager at Howe & Rusling, shares a story from his time as a U.S. Army Ranger detailing how the most perilous risks often go unnoticed and how this applies to your portfolio.

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The Auriga’s Whisper

In ancient Rome, the generals who returned from victorious military campaigns were celebrated with grand parades, known as triumphs. After arriving home, the Roman general would also be given a slave, known as an Auriga, by the Roman Senate. Each Auriga was charged with a simple task: as the victory parade progressed through the streets of Rome, every so often, whisper in the general’s ear, “Memento Homo.”

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In Defense of America

On any given day, you might patrol with 15-20 American soldiers from your outpost through the grape fields doing your best not to trigger a booby trap that could blow off one of your legs. After making your way through the orchards, you might have ended up in a maze-like village composed of interconnected mud-walled compounds. The “streets” (although they were more like paths), might contain some mix of garbage, human waste, dead animals, or worse. It wasn’t uncommon to see children beating a stray dog (or each other) with rocks or sticks. From there, you might search a few


The Emotional Biases that Drive Us

Investor Jim O’Shaughnessy said that “human nature is the last sustainable edge” due to its remarkable consistency over thousands of years. We may no longer be trading tulips in Amsterdam or speculating on the ticker tapes in bucket shops, but from a behavioral and emotional standpoint, we do not act differently than our forefathers.

The Stockdale Paradox

The Stockdale Paradox

Admiral James Stockdale was the highest-ranking American taken prisoner during the Vietnam War after his A-4 Skyhawk fighter was shot down over North Vietnam. Stockdale ejected, breaking a bone in his back. Upon landing in a remote village, he badly dislocated his knee, which subsequently went untreated. Shortly thereafter, he was captured by North Vietnamese forces.