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Craig Cairns,

Mary Lisa Sisson
Vice President,
Director of Client Service

Casey Ryan,
Vice President,
Senior Portfolio Manager


Ryan Tomko, CFP®, Portfolio Manager


Stefan Astheimer,
Vice President, Portfolio Manager


Charity Willett,
Fixed Income Associate

Greg Farrell,
Vice President,
Senior Portfolio Manager

Billy Cooper,
Investment Management Planner

John Trentacoste,
Director of Fixed Income

Emily Lambert,
Vice President,
Operations Manager

Brett Boyer,
Junior Equity Analyst


Elizabeth Perry,
Portfolio Operations Manager


Dylan Potter, CFP®,
Vice President, Portfolio Manager



Sarah Swan,
Vice President, Client Experience


Mark Thompson,
Equity Analyst


Nancy Sutton,
Senior Client Service Manager


Karen Spinello,
Administrative Assistant


Todd Artwell,
Fixed Income
Senior Strategy Manager

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