Investing 101


Investing 101: What is a SPAC?

SPACs have been around for decades, but only gained prominence recently in terms of IPO (initial public offering) deal market share, financial media news coverage, and institutional and retail investor interest.


Street$marts: Cryptocurrency-A New Frontier

We’ve received a number of questions about our thoughts on cryptocurrencies and ways in which to gain exposure to the ecosystem. The eyepopping returns and incredible volatility capture the headlines on a daily basis, so in today’s StreetSmarts we’ll provide a brief overview of the space and offer some of our thoughts as well. Cryptocurrencies now represent a $3 trillion market!—so it’s becoming harder to ignore the space completely. First, its important to note that this is a new frontier. What I mean by that is this space is evolving, changing and growing on a daily basis. Some investors are