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T-Bills: The Real Yield

We’re getting a lot of questions lately regarding Treasury Bills, also called T-Bills. Often, clients want to know why they shouldn’t just purchase a 6-month T-Bill at 5% yield. While parking some cash in a 6-month T-Bill can be a financially appropriate move, let’s talk about why it should only be part of one’s overall investment strategy.


Street$marts – Five Ways to Raise Financially Savvy Kids

You’ve probably read an article on the trendy “Things I Wish I’d Learned in High School.” Popular choices include basic finance like budgeting, how to use credit, saving and investing. While these topics may very well be valuable if taught in high school, you’ll give your kids a stronger foundation if you start them much younger. Follow these tips and they’ll be the ones teaching their high school peers all about the Benjamins.