Helping you navigate financial opportunities and challenges

At Howe & Rusling, we redefine wealth management for those who have reached the pinnacle of financial success. Our approach to investment management services is more than just portfolio management and planning: we are the epicenter of all your financial needs.

The needs of the ultra affluent are unique and distinct. Your wealth management should be, too.

With an intricate understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that come with significant wealth, we offer an exclusive suite of services:

Personalized, holistic financial strategy

Our approach begins with you. Your dedicated team of seasoned Wealth Managers will work closely with you to deeply comprehend your short-term aspirations and long-term ambitions. Through a thorough assessment of your financial situation, risk tolerance, and legacy goals, we curate a personalized financial roadmap that serves as the foundation for every decision we make.

Preserving your wealth is paramount. Our team of experts
collaborates to design strategies that mitigate risks and safeguard your assets
against the uncertainties of today’s ever-evolving financial landscape. Through
meticulous estate planning, tax optimization, and asset protection, we help ensure
the durability and continuity of your legacy for generations to come.

Advanced wealth protection

Our investment strategies are meticulously tailored to meet your financial objectives and in accordance with your values. With access to a network of  opportunities, we craft bespoke investment portfolios designed to preserve and enhance your wealth over time. From traditional investments to alternative assets, our portfolio construction is rooted in a balance and diversification.

Extensive investment experience

Investment opportunity evaluation

Your success has opened doors to exclusive opportunities including unique private equity and direct real estate investments, angel investment in start-ups, board participation, and esteemed partnerships that are typically reserved for a select few.  We have the experience to help our ultra high net worth clients make direct business investments. We evaluate and screen venture investments, assist on feasibility studies for project finance, and research real estate. We can also assist in negotiating terms for you and in helping make board decisions.

Your financial needs are complex, and so is our dedication to meeting them. Our concierge-level service means that your every inquiry is met with prompt, personalized attention. We pride ourselves on cultivating relationships built on trust, transparency, and commitment, helping instill confidence in the financial decisions you’re faced with.