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StreetSmarts: Demystifying College Savings Vehicles

Perhaps you’re well aware of how important it is to save for college for your children, but you’re feeling a bit daunted by the various options out there… beyond just putting money under your mattress, or letting it build in a savings account. Then today’s StreetSmarts episode is for you.

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Market Outlook: Fall 2020

Last quarter we started this Outlook with the following statement: Our thoughts could not be more focused…the virus is running the show. This Outlook could theoretically be a repeat story; COVID has changed life, and to this day, continues to influence everything we do and correspondingly how the markets perform.

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StreetSmarts: Risk Tolerance

Today’s video is a really important one to us at Howe & Rusling: it’s all about the concept of risk tolerance, and it’s taught by Craig Cairns, President.

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Examining the Upcoming Election

On the brink of the first presidential debate and roughly a month before November 3, we’re sure you have questions about the upcoming election and the impact it will have on the financial markets. While it is nearly impossible to predict the exact policies in the next year that will influence the market, from either side of the aisle, we want to share our thoughts on what is reasonable to expect from what we know right now.

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