Our Team

Sarah Swan.

My favorite trip I’ve ever taken was my honeymoon—a road trip out West where we camped and hiked in a bunch of national parks from Colorado to California. Our country is mind-blowingly, arrestingly beautiful, and it was impossible to not be completely humbled and at peace when out in nature where things look and feel and sound the way they did centuries ago, mostly untouched by man. And that’s why Teddy Roosevelt is one of my favorite figures from history—he had the foresight to know how important these natural sanctuaries would always be for posterity. Thanks TR!

Sarah Swan, Vice President, Client Experience

Sarah is responsible for assessing and managing Howe & Rusling’s client experience.  This includes creating marketing and communications material, planning and executing client appreciation events, and writing the quarterly Investment Strategies newsletter. Sarah chairs Howe & Rusling’s Charitable Committee and Sunshine Committee. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Rochester in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in political science. She volunteers her time with the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester.

Outside of work, Sarah loves going out to dinner with her family and friends, writing, and seeing new parts of the world whenever possible.