Mary Lisa Sisson.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is: Be able to support yourself financially and save for retirement. A dear friend (now deceased) shared that advice from experience when she suddenly found herself single with no income when the husband she depended on moved on.

Mary Lisa Sisson, Vice President, Director of Client Service

Mary Lisa’s primary responsibility is overseeing all aspects of account administration and servicing for Howe & Rusling clients. She has over 30 years of relationship management experience at Howe & Rusling and worked in the retail brokerage industry for several years before joining Howe & Rusling. Mary Lisa manages the office headquartered in Rochester and her volunteer activities include the Memorial Art Gallery Council and active participation on many social ministry committees. Mary Lisa has a BFA from Boston College.

Mary Lisa’s passions are her family, her friends, and her faith.