Fixed Income

Individual bonds, hand selected for you.

Bonds are an incredibly important piece of the asset allocation pie, in addition to stocks, and we believe in actively selecting individual fixed income securities for our clients.

Howe & Rusling’s fixed income team, led by John Trentacoste, has a long tradition of fixed income excellence, managing for both total return-oriented clients and clients who rely on their bonds to generate income, as well as both tax-sensitive and non-taxable portfolios. 

Our primary fixed income expertise is in the Treasury, government agency, investment grade corporate, municipal, and mortgage backed sectors; though we have the strengths and abilities to use the entire range of fixed income sectors. Best execution policies and robust research and trading platforms help us to do our jobs effectively and efficiently for our clients.

Our team uses a combination of macroeconomic analysis and forecasting, sector-specific research, and company specific financial analysis. We use strategic, long-term objectives based on our interest rate outlook, and then utilize tactical, short-term over- and under-weights to enhance overall total return. All securities are considered based on their risk/reward profile, liquidity, yield to maturity, and of course, how they meet your objectives.