Not-For-Profit Organizations

Why Howe & Rusling

H&R manages assets for several not-for-profit institutions and our investment professionals have years of experience helping investment committees and boards achieve their specific financial goals.

Assisting not-for-profits in meeting their performance objectives is a small part in the overall relationship between Howe & Rusling and our not-for-profit partners. ​​When we establish a relationship with a not-for-profit we make sure we understand the investment objectives and the cash flow needs so we can recommend an appropriate asset allocation.  ​

If the not-for-profit does not have an investment policy, we work closely with the board to write and establish one. Monitoring investment performance against the objectives of the NFP and providing frequent, clear communication to the board have been a key to our firm’s success over the years. ​

We are proud that these organizations have found our experience and focus on their needs beneficial, and many of our not-for-profit clients are happy to provide references upon request.

Our Work with NFPs

We help clients develop an Investment Policy Statement and spending policies to establish an appropriate asset allocation.

We have the ability to meet and comply with social restrictions of investments. We have an ESG strategy of securities with favorable environmental, social, and governance characteristics, but also additional favorable characteristics such as employee welfare, product safety, customer privacy, and management integrity.

We employ endowment financial planning to help quantify campaign objectives and endowment growth objectives.

We work with Boards and Investment Committees and help facilitate cash flow needs for operating expenses