Managing insurance assets.

Over two decades ago, Howe & Rusling started managing insurance assets for a large insurance company.  Since then, managing assets for insurance clients has become a critical part of the firm’s business.

We understand the many fine points and details of investment portfolio management for insurance companies:

  • The unique regulatory and accounting constraints
  • The importance of tax efficiency and book yield
  • The need for precise asset-liability matching
  • The careful consideration of the portfolio’s credit and risk profile

The firm’s insurance success is attributable to the two most important firm strengths–experience and communication.  We work very hard to understand objectives, while controlling risk and providing risk-adjusted returns that meet the investment objectives of our insurance clients.  In all the years we have been managing insurance assets, we have never violated the strict insurance guidelines or the investment objectives of our clients.

We understand the need for the portfolio manager to be in frequent communication with the board discussing expected cash flows and investment market conditions. We pride ourselves on the exceptional level of service we offer that insures every aspect of the investment relationship runs smoothly and efficiently.

We offer the following additional services to our insurance clients:

  • Investment policy creation and review
  • Security review and analysis of existing portfolio
  • Risk analysis of existing portfolio
  • Quarterly meetings with the board and other key individuals
  • Yearly cash flow analysis
  • Breakdown and comparison of duration to benchmarks
  • Ability to custody assets with virtually any bank or brokerage firm