Institutions looking for more.

Nearly one-third of Howe & Rusling’s assets under management is made up of institutional assets. These clients range from non-profit organizations to small corporations to insurance companies.

Our institutional clients like that we are large enough to have access to world-class research, software, and management systems, but we are small enough that every client is a very important relationship to us, and we treat our clients as such, whether institutions or individuals. Our clients tend to come to us looking for more—more guidance, more attention, more care than what they’ve been receiving from their current manager, broker, or bank.

Assisting institutions in meeting their performance objectives is just a small part in the overall relationship. ​When we establish a new institutional relationship, we take the time to get to know key leaders and board members and familiarize ourselves with the organization’s values and goals. We assist in developing a formal Investment Policy Statement if one does not exist, or we work to refine and comply with the existing policy.

It is of utmost importance to us that the investment objectives align with an organization’s goals and cash flow needs. ​And, it is of continued importance that we communicate clearly with each other throughout every step of the relationship, as circumstances or needs change. This is true from a long-term and short-term perspective, helping to facilitate any cash needs for operating expenses on a day-to-day basis.