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Money, Meds, Mortality: Demystifying Aging Before it’s Decision Time

Wednesday, April 29th and Wednesday, May 27th


At the Del Monte Lodge in Pittsford.

Regardless of our financial situations, aging happens to all of us. And for many, planning and preparing for it, whether for ourselves or our loved ones, happens too late when we are already faced with difficult decisions.

Howe & Rusling is hosting a panel event series centered on aging from a healthcare, legal, and financial perspective. Local experts will shed light on everything from how medicare and long-term care insurance work to navigating decisions about assisted living to knowing how to detect Alzheimer’s disease early.


About the panelists.

Alyssa Ferrigno, Care Consultants of Rochester.

Ann Marie Cook, Lifespan.

Rick Grossmann, ROC Insurance Services, Inc.

Marcus Kroll, Elder Law Attorney, The Kroll Law Firm.

Then for May: Alzheimer’s Association Rep, Trust Attorney, Lifespan person???