Our Investment Approach

Understanding You First.

Howe & Rusling’s investment process is rooted in our understanding of our clients. At the very beginning of the relationship, our portfolio managers meet directly with you to get to know you— your needs, your goals, your worries. We use this information to help develop investment strategies that fit.

We do not look to fit you into a boxed approach to asset management; rather, our customized and flexible approach ensures your goals, objectives, cash requirements, and tolerance for risk are at the core of your investment plan.

Our Investment Philosophy.

We believe that a careful, dynamic, flexible, and multi-disciplinary approach is the key to good long-term performance.  While we will never be able to predict or control the future, by diligently considering as many different ideas as possible, and by considering as many risks as we can, we improve our odds of getting things right.  We believe that while short-term returns may be good or bad, over the long run, discipline, thoroughness, and flexibility will greatly differentiate managers.

We are active managers and believe that over a long period of time an active manager can outperform a passive index. However, more importantly, an active manager can tailor and customize a portfolio to a client’s unique needs and objectives in a way that a passive index cannot.

To us, asset allocation has two disciplines—strategic and tactical.  Strategic asset allocation is broadly determining the appropriate amount and type of risk for you given your long-term objectives and goals. Tactical asset allocation is adjusting the overall allocation within the confines of the strategic guidelines to take advantage of opportunities in the near to intermediate term.

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