Financial Planning

Our Approach

Dwight Eisenhower said, “Planning is everything. The plan is nothing.”

In reality, most plans will change after they are put in motion. But there is so much value in planning. It defines the goal or the outcome we desire. And that’s the most important part of the original planthat the destination is clear; that the reason you’re on the journey in the first place is understood.

You need a financial plan. We can confidently say that.

Every financial planning engagement begins with a discovery phase in which we learn about where you are and where you’d like to be. 

We're good at the "how" part

It’s pretty powerful to be able to map out various courses of action with strikingly different outcomes in simple dollar terms.

“What happens if I pay off my mortgage in 2030 versus 2040?”
“What happens if I convert my IRA to a Roth IRA before I enter into a higher tax bracket?”
“Can I afford college for my 5 year old daughter if I invest $100 a month in a 529 Plan?”
“Should I retire in 2025 or 2028?”

We use really robust, sophisticated software that helps us figure out the most efficient way of helping you get where you’d like to go. It takes into account all of your assets and income, as well as your debts and expenses, but also incorporates more complex factors such as compounding interest rates and taxes. This rigorous process helps us draw smart, informed, scenario-tested conclusions about the best course of action for you.

“Personal finance, like most important aspects of life, is a never-ending quest. The competent investor never stops learning.”

William J. Bernstein, The Four Pillars of Investing

Our financial planning approach is to be insightful, rigorous, and judicious.


Whereas investment management is best handled when emotions can be checked at the door, financial planning is its more emotional sibling. We seek to be perceptive and insightful about your beliefs and values so that we can help you identify your goals.


No stone should go unturned when it comes to planning. The more information we have to work with, the more confident we can be that our assumptions for the future are reliable, accurate ones that paint a pretty complete picture.


We are smart and conservative with our assumptions and predictions. We’d rather you be pleasantly surprised to the upside than devastated by a surprisingly negative outcome.

For more than 30 years, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification has been the standard of excellence for financial planners. 

Our CFP® professionals take a holistic, personalized approach to bring all the pieces of your financial life together. As part of their CFP® certification, they’ve made a commitment to act as a fiduciary when providing financial advice to you. 

“The first rule of compounding: Never interrupt it unnecessarily.”

Charlie Munger

Ready when you are.