Sometimes, exchange traded funds
are a better fit.

The advantage of using Howe & Rusling to manage your exchange traded funds is in our understanding of the product and the market. ETFs are selected to follow specific sectors and are judged on past performanceliquidity, and expense ratios. Our relationships with and knowledge of ETF providers enables Howe & Rusling to avoid unattractive ETF prices and target the most beneficial ETFs for our needs.

The portfolio is consistently monitored by the Howe & Rusling equity team who change the sector weightings in accordance with their view of the market. Therefore, our ETF portfolios adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Howe & Rusling offers several ETF portfolios, each catering to different needs and risk preferences. We often use them for exposure to a particular sector or geographical location, such as gold or international equities, without making a bet on an individual name, and we often recommend them for our clients’ smaller accounts to more efficiently achieve diversification and sector allocation.