Individual stocks, hand selected for you.

We prefer to make portfolios of individual securities for both stocks and bonds. Doing this allows for maximum customization and control of the portfolio’s holdings.

We think of our equity management process as both an art and a science, but the science part is organized, disciplined, and repeatable. Our analysts spend their time developing ideas within their respective sectors that pass a number of quantitative screens, and they are responsible for coming up with detailed theses and ultimately identifying names to be included in our portfolios.  We consider our analytics to be weighted about 75% to company specific analysis and 25% to macro driver analysis. This approach allows us to focus on developing a detailed thesis of why we believe that a company is an attractive purchase for the portfolio.  Within our thesis development, we require the identification of both “blue sky” and “grey sky” outlooks for the company.

Once names are identified, risk management is a very important part of our process. We continually review our holdings and have a sell discipline wherein we sell stocks when they hit their targets, when the stock’s risk/reward profile changes, or when there is a change to the underlying idea in the thesis.

We have equity strategies for different kinds of client objectives, whether seeking growth or requiring income to depend on and draw from. 

In some cases where we want to add broad exposure to a certain portion of the market, or a certain factor without taking on individual security risks, we also like to use low cost ETFs that offer either that broad market exposure or exposure to specific desired strategies.