Our Approach to Equity Investment Management

Howe & Rusling has developed a comprehensive approach to equity management utilizing a combination of top-down economic research, proprietary quantitative modeling, and industry specific and company specific analysis to develop a full understanding and compelling investment thesis for every stock we purchase for our clients.

After this rigorous analysis is completed, every stock is debated and voted on by Howe & Rusling’s Equity Committee, comprised of 6 of our most senior members, averaging over 20 years of experience. When a stock is approved by the Committee, the portfolio managers consider its suitability for each individual client based on the client’s specific needs and objectives.

Howe & Rusling has three primary equity strategies:

Core Equity Portfolio: A diversified portfolio of approximately 30 large cap equities, Howe & Rusling’s primary strategy.

Equity Income Portfolio: A portfolio of approximately 30 higher dividend equities, intended for clients looking to increase their portfolio income, or reduce their portfolio volatility.

Concentrated Equity Portfolio: A non-diversified portfolio holding 6-8 of our core equity positions, intended for smaller and more aggressive investors.