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Tax Saving Tips Beyond the Obvious: An Opportune Time for Roth Conversions

In today’s episode, we are going to take a deep dive into one of the best tax planning strategies out there: Roth conversions… and why this year, through 2025, is an opportune time to consider implementing them. Also, we are going to describe the ideal investor profile who would be best positioned to implement a Roth conversion strategy.

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A General Guide to IRS Audits

If you haven’t heard yet, the IRS is planning on hiring thousands of new enforcement agents over the next few years. This is causing many of us to get nervous; as we all know that there’s nothing worse than getting a letter from the IRS. And then the next worst thing is finding out that the IRS has selected you or your business for an audit.

Business Sale

A Few Considerations to Help Prepare for a Business Sale

In today’s episode we are going to be discussing a few key items that might prove useful when preparing to sell a small business. When developing an exit strategy, the first recommendation is always to start early. It takes time, energy, and capital to create the right exit plan for your business. Having “enough room to run” will certainly help you in this endeavor.
The area which business owners generally fixate on, for good reason, is the “sales price”. So, what can a business owner do to finesse a more desirable selling price? Let’s talk about a few simple strategies to employ.

Avoiding IRS interest and penalties

Street$marts: Avoiding IRS Interest and Penalties

Hello and welcome to today’s episode of Street$marts with Howe & Rusling. I’m Vince Carson, Certified Public Accountant and Financial Planner at Howe and Rusling. We all know that there’s nothing worse than getting a letter from the IRS… especially when you open it and find out that you did something wrong, and now owe interest and penalties. Today, I am going to be covering some of the most common types of penalties, why they occur, and how to avoid them. The first type of IRS penalty to avoid is known as the Failure to File Penalty. As the name