Service Commitment

Howe & Rusling is committed to providing the highest possible level of service to its clients. We hold all our employees accountable to this commitment and believe our clients’ expectations should not only be met, but exceeded, from day one.

Howe & Rusling’s Service Commitment

After committing to Howe & Rusling, an initial meeting is set to construct your personalized investment strategy.

  • Focus on alignment of objectives and strategy
  • Set initial goals and expectations
  • Discuss next steps
  • Contact as needed with initial portfolio changes

Following receipt of your first quarterly H&R performance report, a second meeting is scheduled to discuss and review your initial strategies, positions, and expectations.

  • Hands-on education on how to review H&R performance report
  • Address initial concerns
  • Inquire about life changes

Continuing quarterly phone contact

  • Touch base regularly to report on markets and shifts in strategy
  • Uncover evolving needs
  • Continue performance reviews and investment education

Face-to-face meetings at least annually

  • Review goals and objectives
  • Review absolute and relative performance
  • Review life changes
  • Review unimplemented plans and set new plans if needed