Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why use an Investment Advisor?
A:  Using an Investment Advisor to achieve your financial goals can have several advantages over using a broker or mutual fund. According to the SEC, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is considered a fiduciary. This means they must manage money for the benefit of someone else; therefore must place the client’s needs before their own. A broker, on the other hand, is lawfully expected to provide the client with “suitable advice” but may place the needs of the broker-dealer relationship first. When comparing an RIA to Mutual Funds, an RIA has the advantage of flexibility. An RIA can structure a portfolio to a single client’s needs, which can be very important as your needs may change in relation to taxes, children’s education, retirement, etc. For more information on what distinguishes an Investment Advisor see our white paper.
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Q:  Why Choose Howe & Rusling as my Investment Advisor?
Howe & Rusling has been providing the highest level of service since 1930, and our veteran portfolio management team averages over 20 years of investment experience. Howe & Rusling gives clients the quality investment advice usually associated with larger firms, but still offers the individualized service clients desire.
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Q:  What services does Howe & Rusling offer?
Howe & Rusling offers customized equity, fixed, and balanced portfolios.  For individuals, our primary strategies are:

Equity Management

  • Large Cap Core Portfolio
  • Equity Income Portfolio
  • ETF Portfolio

 Fixed Income Management

  • Intermediate Corporate and Government Bond Portfolio
  • Municipal Bond Portfolio
  • Cash Management
  • Retirement Income Portfolios

Q:  How do I get started?
Call or email our office to set up a free consultation.  A regional sales professional will promptly get in touch with you to discuss how Howe & Rusling can work with you. 
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Q:  What is the next step to achieve my financial goals?
 You will be assigned the portfolio manager and client service professional who best suit your needs.  They will begin by assessing your risk tolerance and financial targets to find the best way to achieve your personalized goals.
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Q:  How often will I have access to my portfolio manager?
A:  You can call or email anytime to discuss your portfolio or to schedule a meeting.  If your portfolio manager is unavailable at the time of your call, your call will be returned promptly or you may choose to speak with another portfolio manager or a client service professional.

Q:  How often will I receive reports?
A:  You will receive monthly statements from the custodian and quarterly reports from Howe & Rusling, which include performance, a portfolio appraisal, and a Realized Gain/Loss report.  Other reports are available upon request.

Q:  How do I pay you for your services?
  Clients are billed on a quarterly basis based on the value of the portfolio.  The client chooses whether the fees are either billed to the custodial account or billed directly to the client.