About Us - A Brief History of Howe & Rusling

A Brief History of Howe & Rusling

Howe & Rusling celebrates its 80th anniversary by launching a new website
  A group of employees led by Craig Cairns purchases Howe & Rusling, launching a new age of leadership and growth 
1999   Howe & Rusling begins managing its first mutual fund
1988   Howe & Rusling moves to its current offices in the Rochester Club Centre Building in the cultural district of downtown Rochester
1963   Wint Howe & Lee Rusling are among the first individuals to be awarded the prestigious CFA designation 
1940   Lee Rusling partners with Wint Howe to form Howe & Rusling 
1930   Winthrop "Wint" Howe founds the investment counseling company that would one day become Howe & Rusling 

Winthrop "Wint" Howe
The founder of Howe & Rusling

Wint was sight-impaired in childhood and legally blind in his adult life, but his disability never compromised his activities or ambitions; rather, it often spurred innovative thinking.  He worked his entire life, getting around without a cane or a seeing-eye dog.  Wint was renowned for his phenomenal ability to perform complex mathematical calculations in his head -- accurately.  He also was well known as an accomplished musician who played piano and saxophone.  Although trained in classical music, Wint's love of popular music frequently led him to play piano for songfests or give impromptu jazz concerts. 

Wint was a pioneer of the investment community.  He was the inventor of the "Howe Plan," also known as the "Howe Method of Money Management," which was used nationally in textbooks through the mid-century.