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    Howe & Rusling is a Registered Investment Advisor. We place our clients’ wishes above anything else. We pledge to provide an honest relationship with our clients that fosters openness, trust, and care. We promise to be responsive to our clients’ requests as soon as possible, and to the best of our ability. We promise that our number one goal will always be to act in the genuine interest of our clients, and our fiduciary responsibility ties us to that promise. We will approach each client relationship as a team, and every single unique member of our Howe & Rusling team will be dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ various needs.

  • 1125
    Millions Under Management
    Years in Business
    Avg. Manager Years of Experience
    Longest Relationship

    Brett Winnefeld
    Vice President, Director of Equity Research
    Ryan Tomko
    Relationship Manager
    Nancy Sutton
    Client Service Manager
    Mary Lisa Sisson
    Vice President, Director of Client Services
    Tom Sauer
    Equity Analyst
    Casey Ryan
    Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager
    Vince Russo
    Vice President, Director of Fixed Income Research
    Sarah Swan
    Vice President, Client Experience
    Elizabeth Perry
    Portfolio Operations Manager
    Ben McCubbin
    Fixed Income Associate
    Emily Lambert
    Operations Manager
    S.Kip Astheimer
    Vice President, Strategy
    Craig Cairns
    President, Chairman & Chief Compliance Officer
    Patrick Kavey
    Vice President
    Greg Farrell
    Vice President, Portfolio Manager
    Dylan Potter
    Investment Management Planner
    Charity Willett
    Fixed Income Associate
    Steven MacNamara, CFA
    Director of Equities
    Karen Spinello
    Receptionist, Administrative Assistant
  • “We never forget that it is your money we are managing, and we never forget how important that money is to you to live happily in retirement, to pass on to your heirs, or to leave to their heirs.  We approach each and every decision we make in our client portfolios with this in mind—with your interest in mind, first and foremost.”

    - Craig Cairns

    “Howe & Rusling prides itself on providing careful, personalized investment management.  We take the initiative to meet and talk with our clients to make sure we both are focused on the same objectives, and our clients understand the techniques we are using to achieve their objectives.”

    - Casey Ryan

    “When our clients are experiencing a significant life event or transition, we’re right by their side to help them through what can be an unknown or even daunting process. Our clients rely on our longstanding, trusted relationship, and we are committed to relieving any of the burden that we can, especially in difficult times.”

    - Mary Lisa Sisson




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